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I have been involved in horticulture since my first high school job, loading mulch, bagged goods and plants at a local garden center. Later, after my military service, I attended Finger Lakes Community College in upstate NY, and completed a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design.

After graduating, I worked a series of different jobs in the field, and even owned my own landscaping business until I realized I liked working for other people better. Much less hustle involved when all you have to do is design and plant. I spent several years doing landscape maintenance for a design/build construction firm here in Rochester, NY. I had an excellent boss and good co-workers, and I was allowed to expand my horizons a little.

Four years later I found myself yearning for more personal interaction and went back to retail garden and nursery sales. I found that I really enjoyed working closely with people and helping them solve landscaping and gardening problems. But in my impatient youth, I left the green field to pursue a different career in commercial power generation. One I am still in today. However, I find myself drawn back to the green of nature. What’s more I find I enjoy it more now as a hobby, since the pressure to make that which I love earn me a living isn’t there.

My hobby is suddenly more satisfying than my former career. Do not mistake me, there is nothing wrong with a lifelong career in the field of horticulture and there are many avenues to pursue. I just find myself in a place where I enjoy it more.

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